Tuesday, October 09, 2007

MEME Love!

ARRGGH! I've been tagged...three times! I will have to do each one seperately over a period of time! I need to think/do some interesting things to be able to complete them :P

The first tag is from the gorgeous Jen AKA Numpty from www.numpty.etsy.com and here are the rules as she sent them to me:

The "facts about you/middle name" meme:

The Rules:
1. If you are tagged, add a new post. Add these rules to that post.
2. Using the individual letters of your middle name, list one word and provide the relating fact. These facts must be relevant to you. If you don't have a middle name, then pick a name you would like to be called.
3. Once you've finished your post, tag one person for each letter of your middle name to play and share the meme-love!

The first problem is.......I don't have a middle name :) Think my parents hated theres so much they decided not to inflict them on us kids :) I am quite pleased I don't have one so, have never thought of what I would like to be called????

So, the name I've decided to use is the one I was very nearly called by my parents instead of Alison.........They were going to call me Kirsty!

Kids....I want one :) We are currently trying to get preggers.

Intelligent....I'm sure I was once! At high school they all thought I was bright and clever and believed I would do well in exams etc. Which I did but, over time my brain seems to have died somewhat!

Red.....as in I go this colour a hell of alot! Often in the late afternoons (No it is not 'the time of life') my cheeks flush up and I begin to resemble Bradley Branning from eastenders with my pasty face and blotchy red cheeks........its such a bad look for anyone to have.

Slimming World......I joined 8 weeks ago and have just lost over a stone in weight :) Wan't to loose about another 6lbs anymore and I worry I will look ill! Its the only diet I've ever been on in my life and think I eat more now than I did before :) I also, discovered the zip on my favourite jeans was not broken I was just so tubby I was pushing the zip down all on my big bellied own! Good news....They are now too big :)

Tango....not the dance the soft drink! I once took part in a radio competition to make a mock advert for the soft drink :) Not sure if anyone remembers the ones that used to start 'Hellooooooooo Tony' in a Geordie accent well, we had to re-record them doing the accents and stuff! The advert was played on our local radio station (Radio city 96.7fm if your interested) never bloody heard it :( and guess what we won?????? A whole £1 and three free cans of the soft drink.....we had to go into Liverpool to pick up the prize so, the £1 was spent on my bus fare!

Yellow.....a colour I cannot wear! It makes me look ill being a bit ginger it plays havoc with my colouring and gives me a jaundiced appearance.

Off to find some tag victims of my own :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This week I have been concentrating on my art work again. I wanted to paint a piece that was different from my usual heavy lines and sharp angles. I have always loved the work of Kandinsky and was looking through some of his paintings for inspiration.
So, I decided my starting point would be the circle. Although, it didn't take long for my angular style to show itself again!

The circles were in a neat diagonal line and the background was filling up with lines..... This next photo shows the painting after I had filled in the circles and added a more detailed background.

I was still not completely happy with it at this stage and decided it needed something to soften the backround and to tie it in with the dominating circles! So, I took everything outside loaded my brush with paint and flicked it all over the canvas......Should have taken a photo of this! Just hope none of the neighbours where looking!
Finally after much flicking of paint and much mess......The finished piece:

It is now available in my etsy store......Cosmos Original Acrylic Painting