Sunday, May 27, 2007

Treasury Talent

I was just minding my own business browsing through the treasury when I spotted the title 'Industrial Chic II' and I new it was for me!

The list has been compiled by fellow Etsian Passementerie who obviously has a really good eye for talent and striking images. It's the best treasury I've seen for quiet a while and deserves to hold the coveted front page spot, which sadly it does not (at the moment anyway) So, instead I thought I'd highlight it's beauty and the talent of the clever artists on Etsy here.

The artists are here listed in order of the items above..........

lake, MollyBurkett, found
pleasebloom, jewelryfool, jlsphotoworks
ohannamarie, fou
nd, opaque
gdesign, loopityloopglam, deedledumpling

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New image!

I've decided my shop is far too pink and girly!

I decided a while ago not to just stock cards and have been slowly adding art work to my shop. So, I need a new image! I have spent the whole morning playing with designs, styles, colours, etc and have finally settled on something more balanced. It reflects my style better than the old banner and as I am so crap on computers I am really pleased with the outcome......

and while I'm at it may as well change my avatar!

Monday, May 07, 2007

All systems go.........

Sundays are usually for relaxing, chilling out, lazing around the house. Well, except for yesterday! I had a fantastic day and a rather productive one. I spent the whole day making new cards for my etsy shop........Here's a shot of my chaos I make when I work.....

And most importantly the results are shown here:

There is more but, I'll save them for another time! Now, just need to resist temptation to list them all in one go in my shop..........

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tick Tock

Tick Tock, originally uploaded by alicub.

This is my latest treasury featuring the work of many talented Etsians and their interpretations and different uses for clocks.

The artists featured are Imagine Studios, Timothy Adam Designs, Oppulent Oddities, Roger J Porter, Art and Ghosts, The Eclectic Studio, Geek Gear, Talula, Artsy, The Hands of Fatima, Abhayah, The Domino Effect