Sunday, September 16, 2007


This week I have been concentrating on my art work again. I wanted to paint a piece that was different from my usual heavy lines and sharp angles. I have always loved the work of Kandinsky and was looking through some of his paintings for inspiration.
So, I decided my starting point would be the circle. Although, it didn't take long for my angular style to show itself again!

The circles were in a neat diagonal line and the background was filling up with lines..... This next photo shows the painting after I had filled in the circles and added a more detailed background.

I was still not completely happy with it at this stage and decided it needed something to soften the backround and to tie it in with the dominating circles! So, I took everything outside loaded my brush with paint and flicked it all over the canvas......Should have taken a photo of this! Just hope none of the neighbours where looking!
Finally after much flicking of paint and much mess......The finished piece:

It is now available in my etsy store......Cosmos Original Acrylic Painting

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another busy day

I had another busy afternoon today spent crafting. I've been making more cards for a set I'm going to call 'flowers and friendship' I must be feeling mushy!

I bought some new funky papers a couple of weeks ago and only got them out yesterday to play with. They seem to be quite girly for me and rather pink:

So, the theme of the cards had to be girly and pink too! I've only made three so far and can't decide how many to have in a pack? Possibly four I think! On them they have nice sentiments like 'You make me smile' and 'Have a lovely day' making them suitable for general use or birthdays!

Anyway here's my work in progress for the Crafting 365 ~ Day 6

Friday, September 07, 2007

Long time no blog!

I can't believe it's been eight whole weeks since I updated my blog! I have really fallen behind. apologies :P Things seem to have been quite hectic at my end and I have only just had time to start 'creating' again!

Where to start? Might as well just introduce my latest projects!

Fellow etsy seller Lupin has recently started a new flickr group called 'Crafting 365' through which some crafty folks are keeping a photo diary of their work for a year! Basically we post one photo showing what we were working on that day :)

Well, I am off to a good start so far.....only on day 5 though! Here are some of my shots so, far:

Crafting 365 ~ Day one

This is my latest project. An original acrylic painting on canvas board.

One thing I noticed is how tidy I am when I paint! Only a little bit missed the canvas :D

Crafting 365 ~ Day Two

1 canvas panel, 7 colours of acrylic paint and seven hours later..........This is the result.

'City Lights' Original acrylic painting.

Crafting 365 ~ Day four

Uploading a day late as could not get near the laptop yesterday evening!

I spent my crafting time cutting out some decoupage fairies :D

Its a really great way to make sure you keep up with what you should be doing and also to see what everyone else is busy creating. Enables you to get an insight into other techniques and styles you are not familiar with. It certainly satisfies the nosey parker inside :)