Sunday, September 16, 2007


This week I have been concentrating on my art work again. I wanted to paint a piece that was different from my usual heavy lines and sharp angles. I have always loved the work of Kandinsky and was looking through some of his paintings for inspiration.
So, I decided my starting point would be the circle. Although, it didn't take long for my angular style to show itself again!

The circles were in a neat diagonal line and the background was filling up with lines..... This next photo shows the painting after I had filled in the circles and added a more detailed background.

I was still not completely happy with it at this stage and decided it needed something to soften the backround and to tie it in with the dominating circles! So, I took everything outside loaded my brush with paint and flicked it all over the canvas......Should have taken a photo of this! Just hope none of the neighbours where looking!
Finally after much flicking of paint and much mess......The finished piece:

It is now available in my etsy store......Cosmos Original Acrylic Painting


Jen said...

Oooh Ali, that's gorgeous. So pretty! :)


I'm tagging you! Woo!

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~ Jen :)

charlotte narunsky said...

Hello lovely lady! Consider yourself well and truly tagged:

Charlotte x

Sakura said...

Gorgeous painting :D

With this sword I thee tag....arise mistress alicub of the tagged

Sakura ♥